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Direct Investing Process

Investing with InterOcean Capital Direct is a four-step process that uses technology to help us better understand you so our advisors can select the right investment options from our customized portfolios to help you work toward your goals.

How it works

1. Tell us about yourself. Answer a few questions about your financial goals and investment objectives. Maybe your goal is to save for retirement, or it could be something shorter-term. This first step is understanding the purpose for your saving and investing. Once you’re all set up, this is what your dashboard will look like.

2. Portfolio recommendation. Now that our advisors know more about who you are and what you want to do financially, we will recommend a portfolio for you with a great investment strategy to start with. Here is an example of what our portfolios look like from conservative to more aggressive.

3. Technology takes over. Our investing system continually optimizes your portfolio for tax efficiency with regular tax loss harvesting features. It also constantly reevaluates your portfolio to make sure it’s balanced correctly. InterOcean Capital Direct allows for automatic deposits that go directly into your investment account. This makes the investing process extremely easy and streamlined. All of this is included with our low annual fees.

4. Contact us. Need help with something? Just because you’ve set up your account and your money’s been managed doesn’t mean the process stops there. Our advisors are always available if you need help.

Still have questions about the Direct investing process? Contact your advisor. 

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