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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the fees for direct investing? 

Unlike other direct platforms, we offer one level of comprehensive service available to all our clients for one set fee. There is no account setup or closing fees and you will not pay transaction fees to buy or sell securities with HHWM Direct – making this account an extremely efficient way to save money. We use very low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and our use of ETF securities allows us to create portfolios that are both low-cost and broadly diversified. More specifically, the average cost of the underlying ETF investments we use to manage your accounts is often less than 1/10 of one percent.

2. How much money do I need for direct investing?

Our minimums for HHWM Direct start at $5,000. Once you meet that threshold, you’re ready to go. We set this minimum because we believe everyone should have a reasonable cash balance to meet any short-term emergencies before investing for the long-term. You can make ongoing contributions of any size and we encourage our clients who are looking to save for the long-term to continue to invest each month.

3. What goals can I address with direct investing?

Once you complete our easy setup process and fund your account, the goals you can expect to work toward are limited only by your imagination. You may want to create a meaningful plan for your family – talk to our team about when you should start the estate planning process or have a review of your life insurance policies to help you figure out the best plan. HHWM Direct provides all the services you need to help navigate your financial goals and our advisors are readily available any time you want additional help.

4. How much money can I make with direct investing?

Ultimately, how much you make will be determined by a variety of factors such as:

a. How long you invest
b. Your risk tolerance
c. Stock market and economic performances
d. How often and how much you invest

These are just a few of the many other factors at play to determine your actual investment experience with HHWM Direct.

5. Can we schedule an in-person meeting?

While most other direct platforms do not meet in person or schedule phone meetings, we do! Some people may prefer communicating via email because they find the free time that works for them is over the weekend on the couch in their pajamas. Others may want to come in for a traditional face-to-face meeting. If that’s you, it’s easy to contact us and set up an appointment.

6. What services can I expect as an HHWM Direct client?

Our advisors can help with all your current financial needs as well as help you potentially forecast your financial future. Our strategies are more than just our custom models, investment strategies and automated tax loss harvesting with portfolio rebalancing. Other services include:

  1. Alternative Investments
  2. Comprehensive financial planning
  3. Estate planning
  4. Insurance needs analysis and study
  5. Tax planning

7. Can you tell me more about your team’s investment beliefs?

Finding an advisor whose financial philosophies line up with your own makes working together toward addressing your goals a much smoother process. For more on how we feel about the market, saving, spending and where the economic world is, check out our Manage the Funds Podcast and THE Wealthier + Wiser Blog. Our team covers the financial issues that you may be facing including personal debt, cash flow planning and more.

8. What is portfolio rebalancing?

With HHWM Direct, you receive one of our customized asset mixes – which could include stocks, bonds, cash, etc. – designed to suit your specific risk tolerance. As the value of your stocks and bonds change, your investment allocations will also change. Portfolio rebalancing may mean selling some winners and buying more of your losers to potentially return the investments to their original asset allocation. This keeps your investments in line with your risk profile and may help increase your overall returns.

9. What is tax loss harvesting?

Tax loss harvesting is something our software performs daily as we routinely sell securities systematically that have dropped in price since purchase and replace them with a similar investment. This allows us to potentially use the tax loss to offset other gains from other sales in your investment accounts and to possibly help reduce your taxes.

10. How often should I contact my direct investing advisor?

That’s up to you. Most of our outreach will come to you via email and statements will come to you directly from Schwab. We’re happy to stay in contact with you in the best way you see fit; so, if you want a regular phone call, don’t hesitate to reach out to set up a time to talk.

10. What is the difference between HHWM Direct and Henry+Horne Wealth Management?

While HHWM Direct is offered through Henry+Horne Wealth Management, there are several key differences between the two. Our private client services at Henry+Horne Wealth Management offer a deeper suite of investment options and suitable alternative strategies not found on the standard HHWM Direct platform, such as financial planning scenarios and proactive recommendations.

Private clients are contacted throughout the year and in-person planning meetings are scheduled on a consistent basis. With HHWM Direct, clients dictate their service model and reach out to us when they need to. If you’re interested in more in-depth planning, contact our advisors.

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