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Looking at the Economy for 2018

2017 marked a year of great performance for the stock market.

It seemed to be the topic of every conversation and investors were thrilled. Personally, when people found out I manage money for a living the questions are always what do you think the market is going to do this year? Do you think that the Trump presidency can keep the economy moving forward? How much Bitcoin should I be purchasing? Even the markets that looked unpredictable were emerging and looking more predictable than ever. Keep in mind that the stock market slowed down during the fourth quarter unexpectedly of 2017. Looking at 2018 many individuals anticipate the Federal Reserve will have four interest rate increases. If this happens, the U.S. believes our economy will be able to handle higher interest rates and data will be strong. Another keynote is consumer confidence is high. When consumer confidence high that can indicate high spending and that translates into growth. Wages are also being increased. When wages are increasing this typically results in consumers having more money in their pockets and they eventually will spend more, driving the economic growth. Bitcoin is something that we believe we most come to terms with. There is much to be excited about when it comes to the current state of our economy. It is always smart to reevaluate your portfolio holdings and understand the risks while the economy is stable yet tense stock market environment.

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