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New Year’s Resolutions

The champagne has bubbled, the ball has dropped, and New Year’s resolutions have been made. This year add finances to the list. New year, new financial goals. Make 2020 the year you proactively improve your finances. Here are five financial resolutions that will help you get on track to better money habits.


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Save More

The more you save, the more money you’ll have to add to your 401(k) contributionspay off debt, take vacations or buy a car in the future. There are countless ways to save and it is beyond rewarding when you watch your money grow.

Tighten Your Budget

A tighter personal budget helps you track where your money is going. A comprehensive list of income and expenses gives you a clearer financial picture and allows you to better control your money.

Pay Off Credit Cards

Pay your credit card bill on time. Create a plan to make large payments towards your debt to stay on track. Payment history is key to a good credit score.

Improve Your Credit Score

Make this one a life-long goal. Pay bills on time. Use autopay to help with that. Limit how many new accounts you open. Cut back on spending. Pay off as much debt as possible and your credit score will only get better. Check out annualcreditreport.com to your free credit report.

Monitor Your Credit Report

Regularly checking your credit report is key to preventing identity theft and fraud. Pay attention to suspicious activity. Track your social security number and inspect the dark web for your personal information. Being proactive can save you a lot trouble.

2020 is the year you prioritize your finances and increase your savings. You’ll boost your finances and enhance your life.

Are you looking for an Arizona wealth management firm to provide personalized investment management? If so, contact the wealth advisors at Henry+Horne Wealth Management.

Are you looking for an Arizona wealth management firm to provide personalized investment management? If so, contact the wealth advisors at Henry+Horne Wealth Management.

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