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Smart Money Moves to Make You Happy

A question we ask ourselves and often hear does money really make someone happy?

It is an old question, but an expectation we set that if you have more money you would be more satisfied with life. People have this assumption because they afford to do whatever they want and that automatically creates happiness. That doesn’t necessarily make someone happy who has a million dollars. What makes people happy with finances and how do you factor that in? If your time is limited hypothetically would you change your finances differently? When we ask our clients this question it really makes them think and put their finances into perspective on the value of their earnings and the value of their wealth. We want our clients to be content with financial situation and make strategic long-term decisions that accumulate well over time for their funds. Millionaires who made money during their lifetimes achieved this goal through saving and investments by careful decisions. They tended to not splurge spontaneously and avoid overpriced situations like expensive vacations. These careful choices they make through their day to day lives have led up to them having the means they do. Looking back and knowing you were able to save thousands of dollars by being smart and putting it away or investing it you will be happy. It is amazing how much money can add up over a lifetime. Before making rash decisions that could affect your wallet think about your future.

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