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Real Estate

July 2, 2020

Covid-19 and the Real Estate Market – is It Too Sick to Buy?

Trying to feel the depth of the market while the economy was in the middle of a shut down, infection and death tolls surging worldwide made the process of evaluating investment options nearly impossible. Investors felt their stomach drop as the roller coaster dip of February and March rocked the markets. Similarly, the rocket propulsion that […]

June 26, 2018

Real Estate Investing for Income

The question is – what is right and best to create income – especially at or near retirement? Also, is there another way to participate in the virtues of real estate while generating income and hopefully long-term upside? Understanding the risk With any kind of investment that’s going to generate significant income and hopefully significant […]

July 23, 2014

Real Estate Investments: Should You Follow the Crowd?

Read more here. Article-Real-Estate-Crowdfunding_Carlin-July-2014

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