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The Data Behind the 2016 Election

Currently, we are looking at one of the most unique elections.

Nowadays we tend to get caught in the media hype that reaches epic proportions for 2016 elections. It almost seems like every minor or major media outlet starts their news off with the theme targeting the appearance of Trump, discussing the tweets by him, and focusing on Hillary’s pantsuits or email scandal. You also won’t a single Saturday Night Live skit featuring the election. We need more statistical data without the hyperbole to understand why it is drawing so much attention between both parties. Data without an agenda is all based on facts. The economic impact the candidates have on the elections is one of the most critical things for the U.S. Trump wants more economic activity with reduced rates. Trump wants consumers to take more money home so they spend more money creating an environment where businesses across the country will benefit. Clinton wants taxes to be higher for those who have higher incomes and to raise tax revenue by $498 billion over the next decade. They both have different tax plans they affect the economy and each person differently. They both have one thing in common, they are the lowest combined likability ratings in modern history. Uncertain which candidate can better the economy leaves votes on the edge about who is best for president. As As American voters we must look at what is best not only for the economy, but for society and factor everything in between. Ignoring the media outlets and looking at the clear path of what is the best way to get there is how we should look at this election.

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