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The Rules to Remember for Your Money

The rules of thumb for financial planning are helpful because they create easy-to-remember strategies for difficult financial concepts. The problem that is these rules of thumbs can be misinterpreted, misused, or misunderstood. Let’s break down the crucial rules of thumb and discuss the best way to apply them to your life to create personal financial success.

The first rule of thumb is to save at least 10% of your total income for your retirement. By establishing this rule early on in your career you will automatically start noticing your savings grow with your income. The second rule of thumb is paying attention to what you can or can not afford. Especially when it comes to purchasing real estate. Being financially responsible with your money means considering having an emergency fund. An emergency fund is a great rule of thumb to adhere by. You never know what life misfortune will strike and having the backup cash or funds to support yourself with be proven a good cushion during that time. One rule of thumb that many individuals don’t hear often is having a percentage of stocks and bonds in your portfolio. This is also a great way to learn how portfolios work and understanding the different levels of aggressiveness in portfolios. You may not like how markets move so this may not be for you, but hopefully these rules of thumb can be helpful for your finances.
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