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Total One

We recognize the value of integrated, independent and objective advice. Servicing all your financial needs separately can result in an array of expensive relationships and confusion. Our industry trend setting solution:

Total One: your Total financial needs covered by One team of advisors working for you.

What is Total One?

Total One is a service that bundles the tax preparation services of your accounting firm and investment management services of InterOcean Capital under one fee.

Tax Preparation

Total One will take the stress out of tax season. Your annual tax return is covered under the Total One fee. You’ll enjoy the added bonus of needing to gather fewer documents come tax time. Your InterOcean Capital advisor will collect your tax documents and submit them for you.

CPAs stay up to date on all things tax related. We‘ll keep you informed of changes so you can nimbly navigate the financial waters to get the most out of your money.

Your tax team draws on a wealth of experience. You’ll have access to accredited CPAs and specialists dedicated to providing excellent service and accurate tax documents.

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